Our Mission can be stated in three words: Represent, Listen, Explain

– To Represent

Too many lawyers look at clients as a way to make a fee. We think that this is wrong. The client is the true priority.

At Simon & O’Rourke, we focus on representing our clients and their families. We put their needs first and fight for them.

– To Listen

Simon & O’Rourke’s mission is to provide the very best for their clients. We do this through tireless work, preparation, training, skill, good judgment, and most importantly — an understanding of our clients’ needs.

We believe that no victory can be achieved if we do not listen to and understand our clients.

– To Explain

Our clients are not professional litigants. We know that they do not know what is going on. We speak with our clients and take the time to explain what we are doing on behalf of them. We have a true “Open Door Policy.”

When clients hire us, one of the first things the lawyers do is give them business cards with their personal cell phone numbers so that they can call whenever they have a question.