An Experienced Lawyer Can Help in a Sobering Ordeal

As a result of the nearly 3,000 DWI crashes in Houston and its surrounding municipalities in 2017 (TXDoT report), HPD recently created a DWI Task Force to help control what has turned into a serious problem in our community. When a driver makes the dubious decision to operate their vehicle under the influence, he or she is putting the lives of others in danger, including yours. In the unfortunate event that you are hit by such a driver, your life can be changed forever through no fault of your own.

By hiring experienced personal injury attorneys like Simon & O’Rourke as soon as possible, you can focus on the mental and physical recovery of the incident while we put the defendant to task and hold them responsible for their actions. Fill out a FREE online consultation request to let Simon & O’Rourke get to work for you.

While the insurance companies may claim that you are covered, they aren’t looking out for your best financial interests. They also won’t be able to confront and claim recompense from the driver who hit you. Driving on the streets of Houston, Clear Lake, Friendswood, and Galveston is challenging enough without having to worry about the decisions of fellow motorists affecting you.

Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm has the expertise to find swift retribution for the transgressors in your DWI accident, the dedication to help you through your hard times, and the courtroom skills to get you the highest level of compensation possible for medical procedures, hospital stays, medications, loss of income, or physical therapy costs that result from your accident. Call or fill in the online form to schedule a free, no obligation consultation at our Webster office. Simon & O’Rourke also serve the Greater Houston and Galveston Areas – Clear Lake, Pasadena, Friendswood, Galveston, League City, Deer Park, and more. We’re ready to help!

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