Industrial / Refinery Accidents can lead to complex litigation. Simon & O’Rourke is an experience and aggressive law firm that will fight for you if you were injured in an Industrial / Refinery accident.

Dangers in Industrial / Refinery Accidents:

An industrial work place can be extremely dangerous.

Not only can a person possibly suffer life altering injury in an industrial work place, the owner of the location and other possibly liable parties found in on industrial work place have preset procedures established to hinder you in possibly being properly compensated for your injuries.

Rest assured that when a major accident occurs at an industrial work place, one of the first calls made by the liable parties are to their employers. You must assume that any statement given by you “will” be used against you.

Don’t Be Blamed

We are never surprised when, after Industrial / Refinery Accidents, we see employers, refinery owners or industrial facility owners blame the injured workers. Often, they find a rule that nobody knows about or that is never enforced and then accuse the injured worker of causing their own accident. Sadly, we have spoken to workers injured in Industrial / Refinery Accidents who listened to their employers or the facility owners and, until speaking with us, believed that the accident was their own fault.

The truth is that many industrial and refinery accidents are the result of some of the below listed factors:

  • Unsafe workplace conditions
  • Insufficient lighting
  • Improperly marked safety hazards
  • Workers being rushed to get a job done
  • Not having the proper tools and equipment
  • Improper, poor or incomplete training
  • Poor or improperly trained supervision
  • Not enough workers to safely do the job

These are all factors that a safe employer or industrial facility owner should be aware of and can address to prevent accidents.

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