Determining Liability in an ATV Accident Isn’t So Easy without an Attorney

ATVs and UTVs are designed for both fun and utility, as they provide easy access to off-road areas. According to market research firm Technavio, the popularity of vehicles like these has been growing steadily, and with that growth comes the increased chance of accidents. In the event that you’re riding an ATV in or around Houston and are injured as a result, there are a litany of legal implications that may arise, making personal injury attorneys like Simon & O’Rourke a necessary part of your physical, emotional, and financial rehabilitation.

Were you speeding in the accident? Did another vehicle strike you? Did you accidentally wander across property lines when the accident occurred? Or was it simply caused by a malfunction? Each of these scenarios can change the level of complexity of a lawsuit, which is an immense amount of stress to handle while you may be in and out of doctors’ offices and on the phone with your insurance company.

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