How to Walk away after a Pedestrian Accident in Houston

Being a pedestrian is such a common practice that your vulnerability without a vehicle is often forgotten. You have no structural protections, as car drivers and passengers do, nor are you required to wear helmets, as motorcycle drivers should. However, being unprotected doesn’t prevent unexpected, out-of-you-control things from happening, nor does it keep you safe from your own recklessness. Do you know what to do if you’ve been involved or injured in this type of accident in Houston?

Simon & O’Rourke are here to make sure that, in the event that you are, you’re protected from insurance companies and know your rights as you recover physically, mentally, and financially.

Who is at fault for the accident? Did you have right of way? What if you were hit, but the driver fled the scene? There are many questions that we as Personal Injury Lawyers can help to answer, but know that these cases are not always easily defined in black and white.

Our purpose is to give you guidance as your recover from your injuries, help you navigate insurance companies and claims, maximize the amount of compensation you receive, and minimize the headaches and strain of sorting it all out. After requesting a free consultation, Simon & O’Rourke can better understand your situation and help you tackle the obstacles you’ll face in the aftermath of your traumatic experience.

Simon & O’Rourke Law Firm has the expertise to win your case, the dedication to help you through your hard times, and the courtroom skills to get you the highest level of compensation possible for medical procedures, hospital stays, medications, loss of income, or physical therapy costs. Fill in the online form to schedule a free, no obligation consultation at our Webster office. Simon & O’Rourke also serve the Greater Houston and Galveston Areas – Clear Lake, Pasadena, Friendswood, Galveston, League City, Deer Park, and more. We’re ready to help!

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