Thank you Simon & O’Rourke.

Simon & O’Rourke worked hard for me. The lawyers were professional and the staff were helpful and friendly. I am happy that I hired Simon & O’Rourke to help me with my case.
– T Tran

Simon & O’Rourke helped me get the best results for my case. They were very helpful and friendly. I give them five stars.
– Satisfied Client

Simon & O’Rourke helped me with an offshore case. They were always helpful and tried to answer all my questions. They took my case to trial and made the company pay me what I deserved.
– S. J.

I give five stars to Simon-O’Rourke. They are strong minded attorneys and were determined in fighting for me. They promptly returned by calls and always tried to answer my questions.
– W. S.

The lawyers at Simon & O’Rourke were great lawyers. They were helpful and professional. They were always concerned and returned my calls to answer my questions. It was blessing to have these guys on my case and in my life. They changed my live with the way they treated me and handled my case. THANKS S.D.J.
– Great Lawyers

I was involved in a car wreck. A person exited a parking lot and drove right into my lane. Before hiring Simon & O’Rourke, I was worried about bills and how I was going to get my car fixed. They helped me set up my doctor’s appointments and made sure all my bills were paid. They explained everything to me and always returned by phone calls.
– V.L. Casanova